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Stress-Free Moving Policies

Moving Details



• Property Manager will schedule a move-in appointment with the tenant based on availability/schedule

• Security deposit, first month’s rent and/or pro-rated rents are due upon the day of appointment for move-in.

• Tenant will be provided with a move-in condition report at time of move-in to fill out (accurately as possible).

• Forms are due within 48 hours of move-in to our office.

• If tenant identifies any issue with the property condition (example: cleaning) tenant must notify Property Manager immediately and report the issue. If tenants choose to resolve the issue on their own, The Halcyon Group is not responsible to rectify the issue and the issue will be marked as resolved.

• All required utilities must be changed over into tenant’s name within 72 hours of move-in or a $50.00 lease violation will be applied to the tenant’s online account. The utility prorated amount will be charged to the tenant for all the dates Grand Capital paid the responsibility of the bill.


30 day written notice to vacate required, two full months prior to lease end date.

• Tenant must schedule a move-out appointment with their Property Manager at least 24 hours prior to move-out date.

• Move-out appointments (including keys and tenant’s forwarding address) must happen in our office by 12:00 pm.

• Overall property should be returned in its original condition.

• Interior should be in impeccably clean upon return.

• Carpets are to be professionally cleaned and a receipt provided for proof of cleanse.

• Property must be taken care of and left in the same condition as during move-in (The office keeps your Move-In Condition Report on file)

• Tenant’s security deposit is applied toward charges in the following order:

1. Property damage

2. Interior cleaning/Carpet cleaning

3. Outstanding tenant balance (if applicable)

• All remaining balances owed is the responsibility of the tenant and must be paid within 30 days of tenant receiving statement of security deposit liquidation. Unpaid balances after 30 days will be submitted to collections for processing.

• Tenant security deposit will be return as per The Halcyon lease agreement and Florida Statues, within 30 business days of taking possession of unit (receiving keys from tenant).


Who you gonna call?

Tenant Maintenance


• Medical Emergency : Dial 911

• If you have a medical emergency where the safety and well-being of you or another individual is in question, you must contact the local Police or Fire Department.


• Unit smells of natural gas/suspected leaks

• Call the local gas company

• Power/Electricity has gone out

• Call the electricity company


• Maintenance Emergency, dial 954.667.9617 for:

• Broken water pipe

• Furnace has stopped working

• Building/Unit not able to be secured through established locking methods

• Non-functioning plumbing with no alternate means (example: if only 1 toilet available in property)

• Grand Capital charges a $50.00 for a lockout that occurs after business hours.


• Faucet is dripping or leaking

• Gate Door won’t open/close

• Appliances have stopped working or are broken

• Air conditioning has stopped working or shut off

• Bugs/rodents found in/around the property

Check It Out, You May Be A Great Fit!

Lease Terms


• Rent is due on the 1st by the 3rd.

• A Late fee is charged on the 4th day of the month if rent is not received in our office by the 3rd day at 5pm of the month.

Late fees are $35 a day not to exceed 3 days.

• Rent can be paid by cashiers check, money order, credit card ($30-$50 convenience fee), E-check.

• We do not accept cash, or checks as forms of payment.


• Tenant is responsible for changing and purchasing A/C filter, light bulbs and fire alarm/CO detector batteries without means of reimbursement.

• Grand Capital may perform a periodic walk-through of the property at the Landlord’s request. Tenant will be given reasonable notice prior to someone entering the property.

• Tenants and their guests are expected to abide by all laws, city ordinances, HOA rules/regs at all times. Violations may result in a lease violation, fine, or eviction.

Smoking is not permitted in the building or unit. Smoking is permitted on the common areas.

• Common areas, balconies and porches must be kept clean at all times, not as a storage, no climbing plants or excessive amount of plants allowed on the common areas.

• Any disputes are to be resolved amongst the parties involved. Grand Capital will not serve as mediator or otherwise get involved in any dispute between tenants and/or neighbors. If a tenant feels unsafe or in any way at risk, they are to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and report the situation.

• Tenant MAY NOT perform any maintenance or repairs on the property. Instead, he or she should submit a service request through our online account or simply call the office.

• Tenants are not permitted to paint any walls, ceilings, or otherwise alter the appearance of the property from its original state.

• If tenant gets an approval from a property manager, the property must be put back to original condition (such as painting walls back to original color) at tenant’s own expense.

* Not intended to replace or override an actual lease document. Actual lease may or may not include exact verbiage/items as listed on this site. Items listed on this site are subject to change at any time without notice.


If a tenant wishes to break their lease early, there are 2 options:

1. Tenant may pay the remainder of the lease term up front and vacate.

2. Tenant may request that GC find a new leaseholder on their behalf.

Here’s how option 2 works:

• Subletting is not allowed before the contract is over.

• Tenant contacts the Property Manager to request that a new leaseholder be found.

• Tenant pays $99.00 per month in advertising costs (paid up front per month and is charged as long as the property is advertised).

• Tenant pays a Breaking lease fee equal to one (1) months rent at the time of notice.

• Security deposit may not be used to pay this fee at any time.

• Fee is due upon move out or transaction will be null and void and tenant will be responsible for full lease term.

• Tenant must vacate 72 hours prior to the new tenant moving in to ensure the property is move-in ready (the property must be clean).

• Tenant is responsible for all rent until the date the new tenant moves in.

• All other move-out requirements will apply (see move-ins/move-outs section).

If the Resident does not sign or agree to the early termination fee in the Early Termination or Liquidated Damages Addendum or the Addendum is not offered to the Resident, the Resident may terminate the lease early as follows:

(A) In the event Resident desires to terminate the Lease before the natural expiration date of the Lease, Resident may cancel this Lease contract and receive full refund of the security deposit provided that all of the conditions below are fully satisfied to Landlord’s personal satisfaction. Failure to fulfill all of the conditions to the Landlord’s satisfaction will be considered a breach of this agreement pursuant to paragraph 17.

• Written notice of termination must be received by Landlord not later than sixty (60) days prior to the proposed termination date. Rent must be paid through the termination date. Termination date must be the end of the month. No mid-month termination dates will be accepted.

• Resident will be responsible for paying rent to the Landlord until the premises are relet. Resident will be responsible for any difference in rent charged to new resident and for paying any concession offered to the new resident.

• Resident must repay any concession received up through the termination date and must repay, pro-rata, the balance of any fees paid by the Landlord to any real estate broker compensated for bringing Resident to the community for the lease. The brokers’ fees shall be divided by the number of months in the term of the lease, and the Resident shall repay an amount equal to that resulting amount multiplied by the remaining months of the lease term.

• Upon vacating the apartment the apartment must be left in its original condition, with normal wear and tear excepted.

(B) In the event Resident is a member of the United Statutes Armed Forces and chooses to terminate the lease in accordance with the Florida Statute 83.682, Resident must provide no less than 30 days written notice of Resident’s intent to terminate the lease. Furthermore, such notice must be accompanied by a copy of the Resident’s military transfer orders or a letter from Resident’s superior officer. Full compliance with the notice requirements of Florida Statute 83.682 is required.