Large Company Service,
Small Business Attention

Construction and Real Estate has been a part of the Grand Capital legacy for many generations. We have a deep-seeded passion for creating value out of properties that may have been neglected or forgotten.


Grand Capital aims to take advantage of hidden market opportunities and capitalize on providing a quality turnaround that benefits both investors and tenants alike.

Innovative Investments

If there is an opportunity, Grand Capital will surely explore every avenue to pursue it. We are growing fast and our team has the skills to expedite our growth.

Diverse Portfolios

With our goal of over 100 managed units in 2019, Grand Capital provides a stable yet diverse portfolio to ensure that investments are steady with returns.

Path to Success

We are steadily growing and expanding our portfolio with properties that continuously amaze even the most seasoned real estate investors. Our forward-thinking mindset is paramount to growing steadily in the South Florida market.