Fueled by Passion
Financial Stability
Investment Plan
Unique Strategy

Our process ensures that capital is not tied up into one property all at once, thus diversifying our investments and mitigating risk across multiple properties across South Florida. Real estate investment with Grand Capital provides a unique opportunity to benefit both investors and tenants alike. Grand Capital is a firm believer in the mitigation of risk and diversification of assets; therefore, all of our properties complement each other with similar expected ROI and opportunity.

We don’t like boring, and it shows in our selection of properties. While they may be mismanaged or forgotten, each property has its own unique set of characteristics that provide an appeal to both tenants and investors alike. With above-average expected ROI, our investors can be sure that their risk is being diversified across some of the most opportune multifamily real estate in South Florida.

The incorporation of property management and restoration into our strategy has been very successful. We are able to provide world-class service to our tenants while maintaining a healthy growth rate (about 50% annually) that our investors are proud of. Grand Capital gives a new angle to real estate investment and provides interesting and exciting opportunities for all stakeholders. 

Building the Grand Capital legacy

Grand Capital’s roots are embedded in decades of real estate cunning and prowess.

The Foundation

United Global Investments is founded by CEO Gabriel Ormachea, preparing the way for future real estate endeavors.

A New Focus

Design. Build. Live. Florida is born. A Focus to the South Florida Real Estate Market is Applied.

Gabriel Ormachea is Founder of Grand Capital.

Gabriel began with just a handful of units under ownership. Grand Capital now owns over 50 units in the South Florida market.

2019 and on
Steady Growth
Looking Forward

Gabriel will strive to grow Grand Capital exponentially every year.